Adventures in Orlando

Got a chance to check out The Rebel Legion setting up for a photo op!

Hey, we went to ORLANDO! It was so much fun, even the rainy bits. We came for Celebration VI, and stayed to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since Celebration, so I’ll spare you a ton of details and just get to the eye candy: photos (more photos after the jump)!


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It’s about TIME – Doctor Who nomz! (and a discount)

I would have to say these nomz are long overdue. Dalek cookies and TARDIS cookies are finally up at!

Head on over to now to grab some of these nomz, fit for a Time Lord (more pictures after the jump and a discount code).

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Craft Lake City 2012: The Nomz Strike Back

The GeekyCookies booth @ CLC 2012

We did it again!

What a great Craft Lake City this year. I could not have asked for a better turnout! There were so many geeks, nerds, Browncoats, Whovians, gamers, Trekkies, Bronies & Pegasisters… the list goes on. My favorite part of this event is meeting all of the fans and just sharing our love of all these universes together. It is definitely a very gratifying experience to get all your feedback and suggestions, and in turn it makes me want to give you guys MORE! (even more after the jump…)

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Back at the Lab!

GeekyCookies has been plotting and scheming since I’ve been accepted into this years Craft Lake City! Read more after the jump.

Craft Lake City 2012

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GeekyCookies Zeppole “Creatures” Recipe

The following is a recipe I submitted for the Craft Lake City newsletter. I figured they’d be a wonderful treat for the Fourth, so enjoy! (The full recipe after the jump)

It’s summer time, and to me nothing says summer like a nice warm paper bag filled with zeppoles. Having originally lived in New York City, I sometimes long for those humid summer nights at the local fairs and festivals so that I could grab a bag of those sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy balls of dough. When I crave them now, I whip up my own batch, and add a little twist – GeekyCookies style.

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Alaskan Excursion

I just spent two weeks in Anchorage on business for my day job. While it wasn’t all recreational, it was exceptionally beautiful. So enjoy this quick, picture filled post.

Here’s a picture I took during sunset on the summer solstice:

Solstice sunset in Anchorage, AK. approximately 11:50PM. Taken with the PANO app on my Samsung Galaxy S2. You can see some distortion on the photo.

More pictures after the jump:

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Our First Wedding Anniversary & Our Portal Wedding Cake

My wife and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary :)

We got married last year on May 25th, which many of you will recognize as Towel Day and Geek Pride Day. Now we add Wedding Adventure Day to that list! So this year we went back to the scene of the crime for a few sun-filled and relaxing days. We experienced our first Segway tour (amazing!), hung out at the beach, had some absolutely great food, and reminisced about the wedding and the time we have spent together so far.

So in honor of that, I wanted to make sure I posted this blog about our wedding cake, before I wait too long yet again to do so. This was actually intended to go up pretty much right after we got married, but since I am a slacker at blogging it just never did. With that, let’s start with a photo (more photos after the jump):

Our Wedding cake set.

photo by Jenna Kageyama of flutter glass PHOTOGRAPHY

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It’s the First of May! First of May!

Hey Geeks!

Things have been pretty hectic IRL for us here at GeekyCookies. But since it is spring, it is time for rebirth. For some of us that means the yearly spring cleaning. For others, it means new perspectives and outlooks. For some it might mean some “outdoor fun.” ;)

For us it means that we are making some changes and will be bringing you more yummy goodness. And to celebrate, we are kicking it off with a cool discount code you can use today only for 15% off your entire order at

Use the code: FIRSTOFMAY at checkout to apply the discount.

With that said, we look forward to supplying you with awesome nomz and seeing you in the near future. We plan to be at a couple of events this year so we’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, enjoy our favorite song about the First of May written by the awesome Jonathan Coulton. Warning: Not suitable for work or tiny children’s ears.

First of May – Jonathan Coulton


Unlikely Allies: A Pirates and Ninjas X-mas story

Story by Leo Diaz of
Illustrated by Patrick Mines

{Every holiday season we at GeekyCookies post this story to remind everyone to be kind to your fellow geek all the time, not just this time of year. So please enjoy the nomz based on this story, and remember: even Pirates and Ninjas can look past their differences and get along.}

In an old ninja village, a young ninja apprentice baker was honing his skills in the ninja bakery. He decided to craft a cookie in honor of his master, in appreciation for teaching him both the ways of the sword, and of the spatula. He shaped the cookie in his master’s image and decorated it to wear the traditional garb of their clan. And as the young apprentice placed the eyes on the cookie, it sprang up and shouted:

Run, run as fast as you can!
You’ll never catch me…


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I’m making a note here: Huge Success! – Craft Lake City 2011

Craft Lake City was SO much fun! This was’s first try at selling offline, and it was very successful!


3rd Annual Craft Lake city

I got word that GeekyCookies was selected to participate in CLC about a week and a half before the event, which meant: CRUNCH TIME! The following day I’m scrambling to get ready for a local TV shoot and promoting the event! They were showcasing five out of the one hundred eighty artists and crafters that were going to be at the event.  We each got a chance to plug our craft and had to do a quick demonstration. I’ve never done TV before so it was extra nerve-wracking, but the whole thing was over before I knew it. Although I think the interviewer called me Ian instead of Leo during the second segment… hmm.

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